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Most of the shoes we wear are designed for looks rather than providing the tender loving care that our feet deserve. This problem is made worse by the fact we are supposed to stand and walk on hard floors and pavement for hours on end.


As time goes on, the tendons and muscles that provide natural support for the arch of our feet give in to the stress of the inevitable wear-and-tear that occurs. Hence products designed to relieve this stress have been developed, with walk fit platinum being one of them and there are several.


So, if you are looking to buy walk fit platinum orthotics, then you have come to the right place because we have one of the most comprehensive Walkfit_platinumindependent and unbiased walkfit platinum reviews online for your benefit.


We give you all the relevant information you need to make an educated decision.



What is walkfit platinum orthotic insole?

The net result of the lack of support in our standard shoes with continuous stress to the arch of the foot is that your posture becomes affected and over time, foot pain becomes inevitable.


That is where walkfit platinum orthotic insoles actually come in.


The walk fit platinum orthotic insert product was designed to correct posture and relieve foot pain. Foot pain may be the consequence of plantar fasciitis, toe pain or even heel pain.


If you suffer from any of these or would like to prevent any of these conditions affecting you in future, then you may want to consider using the walk fit platinum orthotic insole.



How does the walkfit platinum orthotic work?

The walkfit platinum inserts work by correcting your posture thereby improving your comfort when you are on your feet walking, running or just standing.


The product does this by re-distributing your weight evenly all over your feet whilst providing the arch of the feet with all the necessary support it needs at the same time, reducing the stress on the muscles and tendons of the feet.


The ankle and heels are also made stronger by this weight re-channelling, which takes the shock of walking off the legs, feet and hips.

There is an additional gel heel cup that prevents you from twisting your ankles.



Does the product only work for foot pain?

No, it’s got other applications.


The focal weight re-distribution enables the product to relieve pressure off the periphery of the foot which makes walkfit platinum an ideal solution for foot pain and ankle pain.


Correcting the posture means the ankle and heels are strengthened, your spine and pelvic area are re-aligned all of which makes walkfit platinum a solution for leg pain, back pain and hip pain as well.



What are the good features of walkfit platinum orthotic inserts?

  • Needless to say, they are shoe inserts, so you can switch them between shoes if you prefer not buy more than one pair of walkfit platinum orthotic insoles.


  • The walkfit platinum inserts come with a good number of holes for ventilation. This is particularly good for individuals that have problems with sweaty feet.


  • The walkfit insoles are supplied with 3 arch support styles – low, medium and high.


  • All 3 supports are clearly labelled so you know which one to use.


  • The labelling for “right foot” and “left foot” is also very clear, so you know which one belongs to what foot.


  • The insoles stickers have very good colour coding for you to see.


  • It has a nano-silver technology that destroys germs and prevent foot odor.


  • The new walkfit platinum has an add-on unique gel for extra comfort and shock absorption.


  • You get clear instructions on how to use the walkfit platinum insoles for any avoidance of doubt.


  • The walkfit platinum has insoles made for the different genders – male and female


  • The walkfit shoe inserts also comes in a wide variety of sizes – sizes 5 – 14 and half.


  • 30-day money back guarantee is provided for your peace of mind.


  • Walkfit platinum is available at a very affordable price of $19.95


  • Product was designed by experienced doctors, so you get a full length prescription-like orthotic insert.


  • They can be laundered to keep them fresh all the time, although there is an odor-free feature embedded already.


  • You also have a lifetime warranty included with your purchase.




Any drawbacks of walkfit platinum?

The packaging can be improved upon to stop it looking somewhat cheap upon delivery.


For the walkfit platinum inserts to be effective, you need to remove the existing arch supports in your shoes, so could be a problem if your existing shoe insert is glued on. I suppose however that a good percentage of shoes these days have pull out shoe inserts.




Where can I buy walkfit platinum orthotic insoles?

The walkfit platinum orthotic insert is one of the as seen on tv products designed to make the product popular and it has. It’s pretty easy to order walkfit platinum especially if you live the USA or Canada as advised below.


If you live in the USA and Canada and want to know where to buy walkfit platinum orthotic insoles or inserts, you will be better of purchasing your walkfit platinum online from the official website as you will be entitled to the company’s 30-day money back guarantee along with some free gifts.


Now you know where you can order or buy walk fit platinum inserts if you reside in the USA or Canada so you can access your added incentives available only from the official website.



Does walkfit platinum orthotic inserts work?

To answer the question as to whether walkfit platinum orthotic inserts work or not, we researched the online community to enable us write these walk fit platinum reviews, looking at what the users have had to say in the form of feedback.


To give you a true picture, we provided a sample of what the walk fit platinum customers had to say about the product.



Smiling Mimi from Trinidad & Tobago had this to say on the amazon website


“I have saved hundreds of dollars that might have gone to my orthopedist. The inserts have completely relieved crippling pain in my feet and ankles and given me relief in my back. I recommend them highly, and in fact have ordered more to give as Christmas presents” 



N. Dammert from Rochester, Minnesota, another real walkfit platinum customer also gave this testimonial.


“I'm giving them 4 stars only because I haven't tried the highest level and I've only been using them for 3 weeks. So far they work great. I work standing, walking and carrying boxes for at least 8 hours at a time and my back was hurting. Not anymore with this insoles!

I feel straighter, with better posture, my back doesn't hurt anymore and I barely felt them in my shoes. I would recommend them. If you are having back problems or if you feet hurt, you can see if this helps instead of investing $300+ in other insoles”



Barb V from Milwaukee another real walkfit platinum user said this in the same community.


“My insoles arrived right on time, with different inserts of varying firmness, so you can wear the ones most comfortable for you. They take some getting used to, as the instructions say, so you must break them in a few hours at a time. Then they feel great and work as well as my prescription orthotics which cost several hundred dollars. I find them great as a spare to keep in my daily wear shoes, instead of moving my other orthotics all the time. I have no regrets about this purchase”



David Wheeler also said:


“I have been battling plantar fasciitis for the past 2.5 years. I recently went to the podiatrist and had the cortisone shot and of course the stretching and icing tips. The cortisone shot did help for a while but then the pain came back. One of my students suggested these last year so I bought a pair of the original walk fits.


They were kind of painful and I really could not see running and jumping with them in. Maybe I never took the time to get used to them but my foot got better over the summer and I quit worrying about it. Recently my pain had come back so I decided to try the platinum walk fit because of the gel insert at the heel. I am so glad I bought these. My pain is gone while the shoes on and I am expecting a full recovery soon. I have also been told that I seem taller now. That may be because the orthotics raise my height a little but I suspect I am standing up straighter now. Not sure but please try these if you are in pain from plantar fasciitis: you will be glad you did”



Editor’s note: Dave’s experience confirms the fact the walkfit platinum is a hugely improved product compared to the original walkfit. Note the difference between the two. The platinum option is a lot better and more comfortable.



William Murray from Fallbrook, California gave this walkfit platinum feedback.


“Had a problem with left foot hurting after a short while as I got into my 60's. Doc said I needed wider shoes. Didn't help! Tried these wonderful arch supports and the pain is gone. What more can I say”



Here is Micheal Tiday from Colstrip, Montana:


“Helped my wife's heel spur go away!!!! I have also used this product for years. They work great, the best inserts I have ever ran into too”



Such is the feedback from the online community regarding the question of whether walk fit platinum as an orthotic product does work or not and those testimonials are fairly self-explanatory.



What Do I Do Next?

No single orthotic product works for everybody as an element of trial and error does come with the shoe insert territory. However our research that culminated in compiling this walk fit platinum review, did reveal that the walk fit platinum does help the vast majority of its buyers to correct posture, relieve foot pain, ankle pain, leg and hip pain.


One of the discoveries we made was that the original walk fit had a longer learning curve for the feet but the newer walkfit platinum is an ingenious improvement of the original product and the platinum brand does have a much shorter learning curve.



Walkfit platinum is a lot more comfortable with the added unique gel for shock absorption and additional cushioning. The odor preventing and germ killing nano-silver feature is also a welcome addition which is particularly helpful for people with sweaty feet.


This products has so many attractive features and benefits that it is worth considering if you suffer from the relevant applicable foot problems and don't forget the fact that, you are covered by the company’s 30 days money-back guarantee, if you are not satisfied.


On the available facts we uncovered, we have good reason to recommend the new and improved walkfit platinum orthotics insert to our readers who’d like to correct their posture or have foot pain of whatever type relieved for good.



The fact that over 5 million customers have bought walkfit platinum and are satisfied with it does imply the product must be doing something right.


Highly Recommended!